A thrilling point of history of aviation
Monday, 10 September 2018

A thrilling point of history of aviation

Tom Enders is a member of the Amsterdam Drone Week Board of Recommendation and is the CEO of Airbus, one of our partners. Our industry is changing, an entire new category of airspace is in the pipeline. Soon, drones will be transporting people and goods from A to B - and Airbus is welcoming this revolution of innovation and technology with open arms.

The new revolution

Airbus has designed a Blueprint, which is a roadmap for the safe integration of autonomous aircraft. It shows how to create opportunities in order to collaborate and build an airspace that works for everyone. The Blueprint consists of information about different countries and their principles and approaches around the UAV industry.

The unmanned aircraft industry can only function if regulators, manufacturers, service providers, investors and consumers join forces with the same visions for the future. This is a Blueprint for the skies that will bring about a new safe and efficient revolution to the aviation industry.

Airbus shares their findings, knowledge and the Blueprint here.