Why Airmap acquires Hangar Technology
Friday, 27 September 2019

Why Airmap acquires Hangar Technology

4 years ago, Airmap was founded to enable more drones in order to operate more flights and deliver more benefits to society. Since then they made a lot of progress when it comes to digital, mobile and automated technologies for airspace authorities and drone operators.

An example of their work is the FAA’s Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC). It changes a months-long paper waiver process into automated digital authorizations for commercial drone operation in U.S. controlled airspace.

Enterprises need to connect operators to real-time airspace information, they need high-precision flight automation and data capture and they need a rich ecosystem of developers and solution providers that offer powerful and specific tools for each industry and use case. They need all of this in a way of a solution that is easy to consume. That is why Airmap needs Hangar Technology, a highly automated drone operations platform, integrating high-precision flight planning for infrastructure digitalization and applied data analytics within an end-to-end enterprise workflow.

Read in the full article more about how Airmap safely integrates drones into the airspace and what Hangar Technology adds up to Airmap's work.